Matsurube Mauntain in Winter Matsurube mauntain in spring


Kamikura had just newly renovated and now open for the visitors.

We felt sorry during the renovation periods to our visitors.
We are so happy to announce that renovation have been finished.
Good mixture of the Japanese and Western environment in the facility, you can feel relaxing and gentle feeling in this facility, in which it is located within the mother nature in the woods. You will forget your annoyance here, and get away from your busy schedule.
Our staff will serve you with our warm hearted services, and welcoming you here in Matsurube Hot Spa.

Kamikura Landlady
Naomi Sato
Main entrance of Yuzan House

Private Hot Spring Room for the familySoon to be opened

There will be three private hot spring room for the family soon to be opened. They are hot spring open-air bath in the woods, and you can definitely enjoy relax yourself and your family.
For the reservation, please ask in the Front desk.
Please enjoy original hot spring water in the woods,
you can have gentle feeling from the nature.

Local food with the best matching of each seasonal recipe.
Seafood hot-pot dish from Sanriku area

Kamikura nature farm with the chemical free organic vegetables
”Health oriented” vegetables from the own organic farm
We offer the local dish that only Matsurube can offer,
which include using chemical free organic vegetables that good for your health.


Vegetables from the own organic farm ” Kamikura nature farm”


Restaurant in the woods
Auberge  ”Shikari wood”
Creative Italian cuisine with using local chemical free organic vegetables


  • Smoothie with organic vegetablesb    Organic Herb Tea
Wild vegetable pasta Japanese papper taste
Original healthy food using local wild vegitables, and organic vegitables


When I’m looking for the forest,
sweet wind blow and I felt no more time passing in a momment,
it can stop the Time.